SGS Putugam

SGS Puttugam

By Puttuadmin1 on 02-08-2017
How do I know who is my Sadguru when there are many spiritual Gurus around?

First decide for yourself what you are looking for. Next find out who can give it to you. He who has what you need is your Sadguru.

**If your spiritual practices are intense enough, then Almighty will send your Sadguru to you. Because your spiritual practices are weak, you indulge in tasting one Guru after another. You do not stop in one place and eat to your heart’s content.

One who eats in one place to fill the belly is a true disciple. One who eats for taste is a mere devotee. One who strictly follows the Sadguru is a true disciple (sishya). A true disciple will never ask, ‘why should I do this?’ Nor will he grumble, ‘Why this punishment for me?’ One who says ‘punish but protect’ is a true disciple. One who prays ‘protect me’ is only a devotee.

When you become a real disciple, you will find your Guru.

(Bhaktimala Oct 1997)