SGS Putugam

SGS Puttugam

By Puttuadmin-Ma on 25-12-2020
At what age should one begin to search for a Spiritual Guru?

The moment the insatiable craving begins for spiritual growth, the search for a Spiritual Guru automatically begins. No external influence is necessary. When such feelings arise in the person, then he does not limit the Guru for himself alone. He initiates his children automatically into it. A labourer does not aspire that his son should be well educated. This is because he does not understand the significance of education. Contrary to this, educated parents send their children to schools and encourage them to study well. Out of love for parents, children begin to go to school at an early age. They continue studies till they achieve great heights. This is true in spiritual education also.

(Andhra Prabha magazine Nov 1992)