SGS Putugam

SGS Puttugam

By Puttuadmin1 on 02-08-2017
What are the characteristics of a Spiritual Guru?

Who is asking this question? Assume that one who wants a Guru is asking. A boy felt that he needed a teacher to teach him maths. His father took him to one. The boy then got a doubt whether the teacher knew mathematical tables or not. He asked the teacher who promptly recited the table. Doubtful whether this teacher was reciting it correctly or not, the boy asked a person standing nearby whether it was correct. That person affirmed that it was correct. The boy now began to doubt this person. Here the boy did not himself know the answer nor did he believe anyone. How then will he know the capability of the teacher?

Because of this doubtful nature, the boy could not measure the teacher’s knowledge even though others helped. However, looking at the confidence shown by the teacher in reciting the table, his fluency in recitation and the testimonials given by others and above all, by the compassion shown by the teacher, the boy gradually began to believe the teacher and agreed to learn under him. Under the tutelage of the teacher, the boy became a learned scholar. It was then that he realized that his teacher knew not only the insignificant mathematical tables but that he was an exponent in the field of mathematics.

Likewise, in the spiritual path, selection of a Sadguru is almost similar. Just like the boy, based on the recommendations of others who are better qualified in this subject, people select their spiritual Gurus. Even in this there are instances where people fall prey to mesmerism, grandeur, ostentation, jugglery or words, propaganda etc.

(Andhra Prabha magazine Nov 1992)