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SGS Puttugam

By Puttuadmin1 on 02-08-2017
What is the difference between a Guru and a Sadguru?

Is there any difference between the steps at the bottom of a ladder versus those at the top of the ladder? They are the same. Nevertheless, steps at the bottom of the ladder always remain at the bottom while those at the top eternally remain at the top. However, when observed casually all steps look alike.

Similarly, when seen with a casual approach there is absolutely no difference between Guru, Sadguru, Parama-guru, Paremeshti-guru, Parātpara-guru and Parabrahma-guru. All Gurus are aspects of the same Lord.

**The term Guru refers to the teacher who teaches worldly subjects or skills. Sadguru is He who imparts Supreme Knowledge. Sadguru’s Guru is Parama-guru and so on. **

Be it a graduate, a post-graduate or a kindergarten student, everyone necessarily needs to know the alphabets. Can you approach a PG student and enquire if he knows the alphabets? It will appear foolish. The same question when asked to a kindergarten student appears meaningful. This is because their levels of knowledge are different.

Mother and father are same to us, but are they same in reality? No. One is male and another female. We address our father as ‘appa’ and grandfather is ‘ajja’. We address them differently based on their seniority. Our great-grandfather is addressed differently. Same is difference between Guru, Sadguru, Parama-guru and so on.

(Q&A Session 13 Dec 2015)