SGS Putugam

SGS Puttugam

By Puttuadmin1 on 02-08-2017
Guru Gita (sacred text) says that the whole universe exists within the Guru and that Guru exists in the whole universe. How to understand that statement?

Yes. Why not? In your mind and intellect, you can visualize the entire universe as existing within your Spiritual Guru (Sadguru). He is everything. I can’t answer your question. You have to analyze/ experience yourself.

The entire universe is said to be within Guru. Why? Because Guru is as unlimited as the universe. He is not private limited. He is unlimited. For this reason, Spiritual Gurus are revered and we beg them for Spiritual Knowledge.

If you believe that you have to take initiation from me in person or see me in person, then within your mind, you are limiting your Guru. Instead, wherever you are located, why don’t you meditate on Swamiji believing that him to be all-pervading?

I love my mother very much. My love for her is unlimited. There is no second thought. She is everything to me! To me, she pervades the entire universe! She is the universe! You could interpret it as my mother Jayalakshmi mata or as Divine Mother Durgi mata. I believe this universe is Her and She pervades the universe. She is everything. But your love for your Guru is limited hence speak in this fashion. If you truly love your Sadguru, then from today believe Him to be the universe. No second thought. If you harbour doubts, it implies you are unfit for devotion. Such reverence and love you should have. If you keep on asking questions, you will reach nowhere. Pray that you should not have questions.

The moment you segregate this idol, that object, this Srichakra as different entities, you are unfit to be classified as a true devotee. The moment the thought that ‘my Guru is everything’ has entered your mind, you should stop there. Retain that feeling eternally in your heart. Experience it.

At times, pursuit of knowledge drives a person completely insane. Knowledge alone is not everything. Within your heart feel the Guru. Feel the universe. Feel with love. Feel with devotion. The experience due to these feelings of love and devotion have enabled me (Swamiji) to see the universe as manifestation of Mother Goddess. There is no other thought.

Secondly, the person who pursues only knowledge lacks devotion. It is not that we should refrain from acquiring knowledge. We should set a limit to that. Isn’t there any task in this world apart from merely chasing knowledge? Should we not participate in humanitarian activities? Should we not use this life to cultivate love towards all forms of life? How many years will we blindly seek knowledge?

Bharadwaja Maharishi studied the Vedas and Scriptures for a very long period of time. He chased knowledge persistently for many births. He is my forefather. At last, he discarded them saying he could not find the answer he was searching for. A child can drink milk only to its capacity. Beyond that it will vomit. Likewise, excessive knowledge beyond capacity will drive a person completely insane.

Pure love and devotion alone will give you that experience. For this reason, Swamiji advocates devotion (bhakti). Go within yourself and find your own answer.

For approx. 40 years, Tyagaraja Swami elaborately worshipped Lord Rama and took great delight in it. He sang devotedly for the Lord. One morning his brother stole the idol. Unable to withstand these pangs of separation from his Lord, Tyagaraja Swami now sang in dejection. He grieved that he could no longer offer worship to the Lord; he grieved that he was unable to have his darshan. Later on, the idol was retrieved from River Kaveri near Thanjavur. Lord Rama appeared in his dream and said, ‘you are always singing in my praise. Why don’t you sing in the praise of my devotees as well?’ Tyagaraja Swami then composed the famous song- yendaro mahanubhāvulu. Towards the end of his life, such great saint who couldn’t bear a moment separation from his idol of Rama, declared ‘God is an illumination. He is the illumination called knowledge.’

You may perhaps wonder whether his compositions were all a waste of energy? Never. Through these compositions he was slowly rising to the top. Step by step he inched forward to the top. It was his sadhana.

Unlike him, we the lazy devotees declare our helplessness in climbing these steps and hence pray to Guru to directly place us on the topmost step. Adamant Gurus like me throw you to still lower levels and ask you to begin your journey from there. The more you beg that you should be directly taken to the final state, the more I will push you down.

All the rituals, disciplines that are specified in our scriptures are steps that take us closer towards the final state. We have no right to directly demand the final state of bliss or liberation. It is not possible for God to grant it. We have to work for it. This is called spiritual practice. Even Tyagaraja Swami worked for it and finally he concluded ‘Veluge devudu’- God is illumination! This was his last composition. He experienced this state.

(Q&A Session 27 Dec 2015)