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SGS Puttugam

By Puttuadmin1 on 03 Jul 2019
Is it correct to question the actions of our Sadguru after surrendering to Him?

You all know the story in Bhagavatam, when Lord Krishna was accused of stealing the Syamantakamani, a very rare gem from the court of King Satrajit. Satrajit was bragging about the jewel in front of all his courtiers saying that he had got it from Indra and Surya, and it was in reality a a wish-yielding gem. When Satrajit was showing it off, a lot of them present in the king’s court felt that Lord Krishna should possess it. The women out of their love for him also wanted him to possess it. Krishna held it briefly and admired it before returning it back.

How could he be a thief since he himself was the creator who brought it down from the Heavens? Yet he was accused to be a thief by all except his dearest friend Uddhava. Everyone including Kunti suspected her beloved Lord Krishna. She, who was ready to give up her life for Krishna, also doubted him in her mind and lacked in faith. It is another matter that the Syamantakamani finally was found with Jambavathi. Why did they call Krishna a thief? How would he have felt? What would be his reactions to this volte face from his loved ones and the faithful?

Everyone who had addressed him as God now concluded that he was the thief. How can faith waver and change? Once you believe in Guru or God, it is final. Events cannot change our faith.Remember that you should not question your Sadguru.

That moment all of them fell from Krishna’s heart. Here, we are talking about Maya or illusion: that is why he did it. He showed that in reality there is no great devotee. Unless the Lord always grants their desires and takes care of them, they keep on doubting the greatness and transcendence. Even Kunti’s motherly love was not enough to keep the absolute faith required of a devotee. It is almost as if the entire episode was created by the Lord to teach his devotees an important lesson, to bring to the forefront their suspicions, their doubts and finally their remorse that they dared to suspect their own Guru. It was a drama to cleanse them. In true spirit, one should be like Uddhava who surrendered everything.

Once you surrender to the Guru (Atmaarpana), He is the be all and end all. You should say, “If my Guru goes to hell I will also go with Him; whatever my Guru speaks is the truth. You should punish Adharma (injustice) and stand against it” - is the message.

Krishna had so many such gems. Did he need this? Did he have a desire for all this? He is the creator so why does he need all this? All this was done deliberately. It was all play and Maya. It was to leave behind the people who doubted him behind and let help the faithful. The creator does not need to prove his credentials. Can he give so many moksha? So he started getting rid of people. Rama made the mistake of allowing the faithful to follow him up to river Sarayu in Ayodhya and then he went away. For their final journey, incarnations have to go alone. They take no one. Krishna wanted to distance himself, detach himself before leaving them perhaps.

So, in summary, if we still want to question our Sadguru, once you have surrendered, it only reflects our defiance and precocious nature.

(Q&A session 25/ sep/2015)