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SGS Puttugam

By Puttuadmin1 on 29 Jun 2019
Importance of Nama sankeertana

The sense organs are always attracted towards experiences of the outer materialistic world. They are always out to destroy our mind. The mind therefore needs protection. This can be achieved through constant association with Sadguru (satsang) and through nāma sankeertana (chanting divine names).

We need to acquire the permanent or indestructible wealth. Materialistic earnings are not permanent. If a person earns 1 crore rupees in lottery, it ultimately leads him towards sorrows. There will be no happiness at the end. In other words, the influence of that money attracts sorrows. All this is illusion (maya). Every being should try to make attempts to find that which is permanent. The sense organs which are temporary and impermanent attract and run only after those experiences that are impermanent!

The ordinary person who is deeply entangled in this web called worldly bondages can use Nāma sankeertana (chanting divine names) and sadhu sāngatya (association of pious saints) as the 2 wings to soar high. He can transform into a supreme saint (Paramahamsa)! He can even reach a stage wherein he is untouched by any past bad tendencies. Purity of the mind is the fundamental requirement for this. To purify the mind, Guru seva is essential.

There is no need to specifically seek Guru’s blessings. Does anyone have to pray to the Sun to bless him with his light? Can the Sun show a preference towards any particular place? To the Sun, everyone and everyplace is one and the same. Similarly in Guru’s eyes all are equal. But based on the devotees or disciple’s purity and based on the attitude that he reflects towards Guru seva, Guru’s blessings will fall on him.

The disciple’s attitude should be such that ‘whether it is talking or it is arguing, it is only with the Guru’. Even if you have a problem with sandal paste it will still spread its fragrance around you, won’t it? It is unhealthy to argue with people over materialistic transactions. Transactions or dealings with ordinary people cannot benefit you. Learn to increase your association with your Sadguru.

  • Bhaktimala dec 99

Satsang or association with great people has the capacity to bring about a change in even the most cruel people. Nama japa (reciting the name of God) or Divya nama sankeertan (bhajan) is a very useful tool towards this. Sadguru is that person who can bring this massive transformation in you. A father can only give you a good birth, but within this birth Sadguru can give you rebirth.

  • Bhaktimala Dec 1996