SGS Putugam

SGS Puttugam

By Puttuadmin1 on 29 Jun 2019
How does Swamiji use music to heal patients

All of you are seated in front of me but simultaneously many different thoughts are running in your mind. It is impossible to understand the thought process going on within every mind. Even for God it is difficult. I can see mixed vibrations floating in the air. I am unable to withstand the flow of these mixed vibrations. One person is thinking about going home, another is hungry, another wonders when the program will conclude, someone has useless thought, some sinful thought and so on.

When you listen to healing music your mind goes towards those vibrations (taranga) that come from the music. Gradually it begins to flow towards one direction. With this all thoughts dissipate from your mind. The powerful vibrations that emerge from healing music overpower and suppress all unnecessary thoughts. That music generates only good vibrations. Only silence flows towards you.

Due to the effect of the music, the minds of all in the audience begin to flow in a single direction and merge into one mind. At that time Swamiji travels within you. He enters into every living entity that is present in the therapy session including mosquito, cat or dog. He can simultaneously handle a very large audience. Entering into them He will analyze- what caused the disease? Was it your food? Was it destiny? Who created? Did it arise by itself? He will then heal.

This is my Yagna. To help you all I decided this approach. Through music I pull all your minds towards a single direction for about 10 minutes, remove your negative vibrations and fill you with positive ones. To tell you the truth, at that minute, even Swamiji does not exist. Nothing exists. Only vibrations remain. Everything is pervaded by it. Due to peaceful vibrations, you forget everything- your mind, your buddhi and your existence. You drift into deep sleep because you are getting healed.

People who have experienced this healing process rush to attend these concerts as they know its value. Swamiji mixes energy into the music and sends it across to you just as Vishnu mixed nectar into milk pāyasa (sweet) and distributed it to Devatas. Swamiji mixes nectar with music and showers it upon you.

Right now your mind is filled with innumerable thoughts. It is impure, agitated and sinful. It is burning like fire. I can’t enter your heart even if I want to. Hence music is the route through which I enter and heal you.

(Source: Bangalore 6th Nov 2016)