SGS Putugam

SGS Puttugam

By Puttuadmin1 on 06-11-2014

Padma Phyllis Turk, DRC USA

He said, “It’s okay, don’t worry. Just think of Sri Swamiji as your brother and everything will be fine.

By Puttuadmin1 on 12-12-2012

Parvathi Guentensperer, Switzerland

I met Sri Swamiji again, in London in 1984, when I was participating in a short Seminar to improve my English.

By Puttuadmin1 on 07-12-2014

Prabhakar Iyer

I met Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, for the first time in Cochin along with my brother-in-law, in 1980.

By Puttuadmin1 on 22-05-2013

Prakasarao and Nandini Rao Velagapudi

Prakasarao: when a Guru sees the potential of a Sishya (disciple), He can immediately harness that potential and brings that devotee closer to Him.

By Puttuadmin1 on 11-09-2014

Prasad, Rishikesh

I grew up as a spiritual participant in Andra Pradesh. I was on the quest for spiritual knowledge and so I met many seekers.