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SGS Puttugam

By Puttuadmin1 on 27-04-2017

Bhaja Govindam 15: Be careful of those who impersonate Sanyasis (Verse 14)

Jaṭilo muṇdī luñjita keśaḥ kāshāyāmbara bahukṛta veṣaḥ | Paśyannapi ca na paśyati mūdhaḥ udara nimittaṃ bahukṛta veṣaḥ || 14 || Meaning - There are many who wear matted locks or completely shave their head, wear saffron clothes (kashaya vastram) and take on various other disguises.

By Puttuadmin1 on 27-04-2017

Bhaja Govindam 16: Practise mind and desire control when in youth (Verse 15)

Aṅgaṃ galitaṃ palitaṃ muṇdaṃ daśana vihīnaṃ jātaṃ tuṇdam | Vṛddho yāti gṛhītvā daṇdaṃ tadapi na muñcatyāśā piṇdam || 15 || Meaning-Even though the person has become old, his organs are all incapacitated and weak, is bald, toothless and walks holding onto a stick, he is unable to overcome his multitude of desires.

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Bhaja Govindam 17: Mighty is the power wielded by desires (Verse 16)

Agre vahniḥ pṛṣṭhe bhānuḥ rātrau cubuka samarpita jānuḥ | Karatala bhikṣas-tarutala vāsaḥ tadapi na muñcaty-āśā pāśaḥ || 16 || Meaning -Even that person, who sleeps beneath a tree at night curling up his body to protect himself from biting cold; who builds a fire to keep himself warm even as the morning sun rises behind him; who accepts with his palms, the alms that have been given to him, is not spared from these noose called desires (āśā pāśa).

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Bhaja Govindam 18: Spiritual Knowledge is the pre-requisite for liberation (Verse 17)

Kurute gaṅgā sāgara gamanaṃ vrata paripālanam-athavā dānam | Jñāna vihīnaḥ sarvamatena bhajati na muktiṃ janma śatena || 17 || Meaning -A person may go to the banks of River Ganga or any ocean; he may observe all the disciplines that are to be adhered there; he may give away huge riches in charity; yet he cannot get liberation (mukti) even after many births because Jnana (Spiritual Knowledge) is the essential pre-requisite for liberation.